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Mt. Haguro (Haguro-san) haguro-san

Mt. Haguro (414 m) is one of the Three Mountains of Dewa, the three sacred mountains located in Yamagata Prefecture. Being the lowest of the three mountains, Mt. Haguro is the only one that is accessible year round. A path of 2,466 stone steps leads to the summit of Mt. Haguro, where the Ideha Shrine stands. Although visitors can reach the summit by car, the recommended (and traditional) approach is to walk the path for about one hour. The stone-step path passes through a five-storied pagoda, surrounded by cedars, and a number of shrines. The steps and the pagoda are listed as National Treasures of Japan. There is a teahouse along the path offering tired hikers drinks, snacks, and souvenirs.

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Mixing technology, as one of the key unit operation, is widely used not only in the production of polymer products, but also in various industrial processes, such as biochemical, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, metallurgical processes as well as food and water treatment.
The first ACOM conference was held in 2005, Shanghai, China (namely 1st Sino-Japanese Conference) and have been held in Yonezawa, Japan (2008), Jeju Island, Korea (2010) and Beijing, China (2013).
ACOM 2016 will center on bringing together the fluid mixing community across academia, industry, private and governmental research institutions to share and discuss the latest research developments. The aim of the Conference is to provide an opportunity for participants from both the academic and engineering societies of Japan and the other countries in Asia to exchange their view and ideas on engineering developments and designs, process operations, process simulation and scale-up etc. in the field of mixing technology related to the reaction engineering and production for polymers.


  • Solid-Liquid system
  • Liquid-Liquid system
  • Gas-Liquid system
  • Gas-Liquid-Solid system
  • Non-Newtonian or viscous fluid mixing
  • Micro mixing
  • Application of CFD in fluid mixing
  • Experimental technology
  • Other mixing technology



Department of Biochemical Engineering, Yamagata University
4-3-16 Jonan, Yonezawa-shi, Yamagata, 992-8510, Japan
Phone No.: +81-238-26-3132 / FAX No.: +81-238-26-3414
E-mail :
HP :

New Release

y2016/08/05z Access to Venue, Takinoyu

y2016/08/04z Program for 5th ACOM is updated!

y2016/07/26z registration site is opened!

y2016/01/27zThe deadline for the submission of abstracts for 5th ACOM is extended!
New deadline is 12th February 2016

y2016/01/12zTempletes for Abstract and Full Paper are available.

y2016/01/12z1st Circular and Call for Papers [pdf] .

y2016/01/12zThis home page was opened.

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