Tendo-shi known for shogi pieces, hot springs, and fruits, is located in the central part of Yamagata prefecture, and the amount of shogi piece production is the largest in Japan. In Tendo Onsen located in the north of the Mt. Maizuru (famous for cherry trees), there are more than 10 Japanese inns, and it is commonly known as a hot spring for smooth skin. In addition, Tendo-shi is a town of fruit and named a gfruit kingdomh. The production of la France here is the best in Japan. Also, the ghuman shogi" performed in spring shown in the photograph is one of the biggest events in town.


The conference will be held at TAKINOYU Hotel in Tendo. It takes about 15 minutes by walk from the Tendo station. It is a natural hot spring Japanese inn, and there is a tax-free gift shop in the hotel.

Access to Venue, Takinoyu

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